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Isocore Leads IP Optical Technology Showcase at SUPERCOMM 2004

Advanced Services Over GMPLS-enabled Optical Transport Include VoIP, Video Conferencing,
Security, Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs, IPv6 Migration Strategies Over an IPv4 Core, and Multi-Service Edge

June 9, 2004; McLean, Virginia

Isocore, an industry leader for networking technology validation, announced today that major equipment vendors and Internet Service Providers will be participating for the first time in the technology showcase at SUPERCOMM 2004's IP Optical Pavilion (Booth #11142). The goal of the IP-Optical Pavilion is to demonstrate the advanced state of Internet services and the underlying technologies to support those services and to push the acceptance of various technologies currently being standardized. The live demonstrations at the booth will showcase the deployment of Internet priority services and novel applications over a fully integrated IP Optical infrastructure. The network will provide an opportunity for the attendees to witness a true IP Optical network with multi-service edge for layer 2 aggregation and layer 3/layer 2 VPNs, security services, virtualized firewalls, and IPv6 migration strategies overlaid on a self-healing converged IPv4 core. The self-managed IP Optical core network will use GMPLS dynamic paths. The advanced applications will include high definition video conferencing, security surveillance systems, and Voice over IP (VoIP)/IP Centrex services. The demonstration will also include live Carrier's Carriers multi-site VPN connectivity for video streaming between SUPERCOMM 2004 and Isocore Internetworking Lab locations.

SUPERCOMM's IP Optical Pavilion includes participants from numerous networking vendors including Alcatel (ALA), Avici Systems (AVCI), Chiaro Networks, CIENA Corporation (CIEN), Cisco Systems (CSCO) , Data Connection, Extreme Networks (EXTR), Fujitsu Laboratories, Juniper Networks (JNPR), Marconi (MRCIY), NEC (NIPNY), Quarry Technologies, Redback Networks (RBAK), Sycamore Networks (SCMR), and NTT Laboratories supported the effort with Photonic Internet Lab. IP Optical Pavilion will have live Internet and VPN Peering with two ISPs, BTNAccess and MASERGY. Test equipment will be provided entirely by Ixia (XXIA). The Pavilion physical infrastructure will be provided by ADC (ADCT) and APC (APCC).



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