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Gold Sponsors Session

Gold Sponsors Session is included in the Zoom Webinar of the Technical Sessions.

Thursday 10, Sept. 2020    16:30-16:50       G-1 Keio University      
Thursday 10, Sept. 2020 16:50-17:10 G-2 Red Hat K.K
Friday 11, Sept. 2020 11:20-11:40 G-3 UBiqube
Friday 11, Sept. 2020 11:40-12:00 G-4 NTT

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Gold Sponsors

Booth Participants

Red Hat K.K.

Red Hat K.K.

OpenShift/Kubernetes native infrastructure for Telco edge cloud and network slicing

Keio University

Yamanaka Laboratory,
Keio University

gRPC Enabled Massively Parallel and Flexible Network



Digital Transformation by Integrated Automation Platform (IAP)

UBiqube developed the leading Integrated Automation Platform (IAP), the MSActivatorTM. To simplify the complexities of a multi-domain multi-vendor infrastructure, one needs to have an IAP that is future-ready for tomorrow's challenges. Multi-Domain and Multi-Vendor Integration for Infrastructure Automation is the essence of the MSA framework. It uses highly abstracted device and function modeling to eliminate the integration pain associated with distributed infrastructures providing an easy path to holistic Multi-Domain Process Automation. Empower your use case with orchestration across any digital infrastructure. Turn complexity into a simplified single pane of glass. Try MSA for free on our website: https://ubiqube.com/
NTT Corporation


Activities for Future Flexible Transport Network

Silver Sponsors

Booth Participants


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

"Massively Parallel and Sliced Optical Network (MAPLE)" the Commissioned Research (#204) of NICT, Japan

Sevensix Inc.

Sevensix Inc.

S-band Programmable optical filter / All fiber Mode Division Multiplexer

S-band WaveShaper : Finisar's Programmable optical filter WaveShaper released S-band solution! Multi Division Multiplexer : All fiber MDDM now support 10 Mode!
Kei-han-na Interoperability Working Group

Kei-han-na Interoperability
Working Group

Activities of Interoperability Working Group

Photonic Internet Forum

Photonic Internet Forum

Introduction of the PIF Standard Promotion Committee

KDDI Research, Inc.

KDDI Research, Inc.

Mode and Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (M-WSON)

Mode division multiplexing (MDM) is attractive to enhance transmission link capacity per fiber in proportional to the number of spatial modes. In the MDM architecture, individual linear polarization mode and wavelength can be optically switched, referred to mode and wavelength switched optical network (M-WSON). In this exhibition, we introduce a fundamental switching operation for M-WSON in a weakly-coupled 10-mode-division multiplexed network testbed, consisting of a conventional wavelength selective switch, mode selective 10-mode multiplexer/demultiplexer, and weakly-coupled 10-mode fiber. We also introduce an experimental demonstration of optical add/drop multiplexing of 10 spatial modes and express-routing with mode switching on two-hop paths over 96km in the weakly-coupled 10-mode MDM network testbed with 32-Gbaud DP-QPSK WDM signals.

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

AI-based Mechanism for Autonomic Resource Management of Service Function Chaining Platform

We have developed an SFC platform pursuant to the SFC architecture specified in RFCs 7665 and 8300. We have installed our autonomic resource system that predicts the volume of traffic of the near future and allocate appropriate CPU resources to each VNF.

TOYO Corporation TOYO Corporation

NFV / SDN Validation and 400G / 200G / 100G Test Analysis Solutions

TOYO corporation introduces the industry-leading test solutions for verifying cloud-native networks and High-Speed Ethernet. Spirent test solutions help deployment of virtualized networks and advanced 400G Ethernet infrastructure. SYNESIS offers the world's first 200G packet capture system at full line rate without any packet loss.
OA Laboratory Co., Ltd.


PTP over FPGA based Layer-2 switch, and mobile-phone connection with sXGP network.

Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight Technologies Japan K.K.

Network Security Effectiveness solution (Breach and Attack Simulation) & Active Network Monitoring Solution

Today's networks are in constant flux, with frequent changes to software, hardware, workloads, and infrastructure topology. In addition, cyberattack continues to get sophisticated and complex, and new threats and malware are created daily. In these situations, how do you know if your organization?s security posture is secure enough, in continuously and easily manner? Also, know exactly how each change will impact latency, availability, and response time for end users? Join us at Keysight Technologies? virtual exhibition page and find out the solutions.



End-to-End Management of All Optical Disaggregated Network and Applications with Cloud Native Environment