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The 8th International Conference on IP + Optical Network (iPOP2012) will
be held during May 31st - June 1st 2012 at Fujiwara Memorial Hall, Hiyoshi
Campus, Keio University Yokohama, Japan. iPOP2012 is co-located with
10th International Conference on Optical Internet (COIN2012).

General Chairs: Atsushi Hiramatsu Naoaki Yamanaka BijanJabbari
Atsushi Hiramatsu,
NTT, Japan
Naoaki Yamanaka,
Keio University, Japan
Bijan Jabbari,
Organization Committee Co-Chairs: Soichiro Araki, NEC, Japan
Kohei Shiomoto, NTT, Japan
Satoru Okamoto, Keio University, Japan
Exhibition Committee Co-Chairs: Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan
Takehiro Tsuritani, KDDI R&D Labs., Japan
Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs: Hiroaki Harai, NICT, Japan
Eiji Oki, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
Julien Meuric, France Telecom Orange, France


【Thank You for Your Contrubutions and Support iPOP】

We have successfully closed iPOP 2012 8th International Conference/Exhibition on IP Optical. iPOP2012 gathered almost 300 participants from US, Europe, China, Korea and Japan, and this number is a new record in the iPOP history.

This year we are starting to expand our categories to cloud interworking and SDN. Because IP/optical network transport technologies will good meet to dynamic inter cloud architecture. In addition, iPOP have been leading with controlling technology based on D/C separation network architecture. So this year we world first interworking by SDN and control SDTN(Transport) under multi-AS Multi-vendor and Multi-technology network.
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Anyway, Let me thank you all for your kind support and donation for children on behalf of the committee. At the conference, we mentioned that more than 200 children, expected to success in the future, has given up hope to continue their education due to the earthquake disaster last year, and asked for donations in participation fee for the reception. Fortunately, we were able to donate 67,895 yen to the Japanese nonprofit organization Ashinaga (“long-legs”).
I hope we can save those children that are forced to abandon their dream to earn a living as much as possible! Thank you very much.

iPOP2012 General Co-Chair
Naoaki Yamanaka, Keio University


iPOP2012は、慶應義塾大学藤原記念ホールで開催され、おかげさまで大成功を収めることができました。 参加者はアメリカ、ヨーロッパ、中国、韓国、そして日本から総計300名弱が集まり、昨年の震災の影響を乗り越えて順調に増加しております。

今年は特に、IP/Opticalの応用としてのインタークラウド技術や、SDNとそのトランスポート技術としての SDTNをフォーカスに加えました。iPOPは、長年GMPLSに代表されるD/Cプレーンの分離技術を 牽引してきた実績に立脚して、今回世界で初めて、マルチAS かつ マルチベンダー か つ マルチテクノロジ(光・パケット等)でダイナミックに相互接続することに成功しました。 コミッティを代表いたしまして、皆様のサポートに深くお礼申し上げます。

また、将来ある子どもたち200名以上が、今回の震災の影響で進学や在学をあきらめてしまって いることを紹介し、レセプションへの参加金を含め、iPOP会場でご寄付をお願いいたしました。 その結果、おかげさまで 67,895円をあしなが育英資金として寄付することができました。 輝ける将来をあきらめてしまう子供たちが少しでも救われることを望みます!



代表委員長 慶應義塾大学 山中直明

Important Dates:
Submission deadline of one-page abstract: February 15, 2012
February 29, 2012(closed)
Notification of acceptance: March 30, 2012(closed)
Submission deadline of final presentation slides: April 20, 2012(closed)

iPOP2012 CFP
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iPOP2012 Exhibition
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iPOP2012 CFParticipation
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