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Photonic Internet Laboratory founded by 6 vendors and 1 service provider in 2002, is promoting R&D on next-generation photonic network control protocols based on photonic technologies for managed networks.
ISOCORE is the leading technology validation lab in the next generation IP and optical networking. Its goal is to advance internetworking through technology validation and product verification and to promote development and rapid deployment of innovative networking technologies.

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Photonic Internet Forum
is a non-profit organization contributing to the progress of info-communication technology to realize all optical ultra-high-speed networks.
Kei-han-na Open Lab was established 2003 for resarch and standidaization of optial inter carrer interface. We have total 12 organizations that are 2 service providers, 7 venders, a national institute and 2 universities. This consortium covers control protocol as well as physical interface inter operability.
scat Support Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology Research, Foundation.