Call for Presentation

The Technical Program Committee for iPOP 2011 is soliciting presentation proposals for this conference. Protocol design, experiment, theory, implementation, and operational experiences are solicited. The topics of the conference will include but not limited to the following:
* GMPLS/ASON technologies
* GMPLS Network management, OA&M
* Multi-layer network (MLN) / Multi-region network (MRN)
* Path Computation Element (PCE), Traffic engineering
* Inter-area/Inter-AS network
* L1VPN, Bandwidth on Demand, and Photonic Grid
* Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON), Routing wavelength assignment, Impairment management
* GMPLS-controlled Ethernet Label Switching (GELS) and related Ethernet transport technologies
* Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-TP
* Photonic Network for NxGN and NwGN
* Application with high-bandwidth demand
* Testbed, field trial
If you wish to submit a topic for consideration, please send an Extended Abstracts of a 400 words and a maximum of 1 page, including figures and diagrams, speaker's name, affiliation, and contact information to the Technical Program Committee at Please see for more details.
Important Dates:
Submission deadline of one-page abstract: March 4, 2011 (closed)
Notification of acceptance: April 4, 2011 (closed)
Submission deadline of final presentation slides: April 22, 2011 (closed)

Technical Program Committee


  • Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan
  • Andrew G. Malis, Verizon Communications, USA

Vice Chairs:

  • Wataru Imajuku, NTT Communications, Japan
  • Kenichi Sakamoto, Hitachi, Japan


  • Rie Hayashi, NTT, Japan


  • Zafar Ali, Cisco Systems, USA
  • Dhiman Barman, Juniper Networks, USA
  • Lou Berger, LabN Consulting, LLC, USA
  • Greg Bernstein, Grotto Networking, USA
  • Deborah Brungard, AT&T Labs, USA
  • Diego Caviglia, Ericsson, Italy
  • Adrian Farrel, Old Dog Consulting, UK
  • Oscar Gonzalez de Dios, Telefonica I+D, Spain
  • Hiroaki Harai, NICT, Japan
  • Eiichi Horiuchi, Mitsubishi Electric, Japan
  • Shinya Ishida, NEC, Japan
  • Masahiko Jinno, NTT, Japan
  • Daniel King, Old Dog Consulting, UK
  • Young Lee, Huawei, USA
  • Dan Li, Huawei, China
  • Cyril Margaria, Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany
  • Julien Meuric, France Telecom Orange, France
  • Takaya Miyazawa, NICT, Japan
  • Raul Munoz, CTTC, Spain
  • Itaru Nishioka, NEC, Japan
  • Naomichi Nonaka, Hitachi, Japan
  • Kenichi Ogaki, KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., Japan
  • Satoru Okamoto, Keio Univ., Japan
  • Eiji Oki, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
  • Lyndon Ong, Ciena, USA
  • Kiyoshi Onohara, Mitsubishi Electric, Japan
  • Tomohiro Otani, KDDI, Japan
  • Hamid Ould-Brahim, Nortel Networks, Canada
  • Dimitri Papadimitriou, Alcatel-Lucent, Belgium
  • Rajiv Papneja, ISOCORE, USA
  • Vishal Sharma, Metanoia, USA
  • Kohei Shiomoto, NTT, Japan
  • Hidetsugu Sugiyama, Juniper Networks, Japan
  • Attila Takacs, Ericsson, Hungary
  • Takehiro Tsuritani, KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., Japan
  • Martin Vigoureux, Alcatel-Lucent, France
  • Sugang Xu, NICT, Japan