Thursday 2, June 2011

Thursday 2, June 2011 10:00-12:40
Chair Naoaki Yamanaka, Keio University, Japan

Opening address
- Tomonori Aoyama, General Co-chair, Keio University, Japan
- Bijan Jabbari, General Co-chair, ISOCORE, USA

K-1 Toshiyuki Kanoh, NEC, Japan
K-2 Andrew Malis, Verizon, USA
Program introduction
- Andrew Malis, Verizon, USA and Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan
Exhibition introduction
- Hiroaki Harai, NICT and Shoichiro Seno, Mitsubishi Electric, Japan
"Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake"
R-1 Atsushi Hiramatsu, NTT, Japan

Thursday 2, June 2011 14:00-14:45
Chair Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan

K-3 Julien Meuric, France Telecom Orange, France

Business Session
Thursday 2, June 2011 14:45-15:35
Chair Hiroaki Harai, NICT, Japan

B-1"Ericsson IP & Broadband Vision"
Masanobu Fujioka, Ericsson, Japan
B-2"Mobile Backhaul transformation to 4G and the cloud computing era"
Shunji Yoshiyama, NEC, Japan

Poster Session

Thursday 2, June 2011 15:50-17:20

P-1 "Challenges and Directions toward Router Offloading Networks"
Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan
P-2 "A Wavelength Assignment Design Scheme for a Carrier Wavelength Reusable WDM Ring Network"
Masafumi Keri, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
P-3 "Fast and Efficient E2E P2MP LSP Protection and PCE Support"
Huaimo Chen, Huawei, USA

Poster Session(Student Sesiion)

Thursday 2, June 2011 15:50-17:20

PS-1 "A Study of Slot Switching-based All-Optical Service Aggregation Network"
Takehiro Sato, Keio University, Japan
PS-2 "Performance of Pump Wavelength Assignment in Optical Packet Switch with Parametric Wavelength Converters"
Nattapong Kitsuwan, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
PS-3 "IP based Service Mash-up Provisioning for Ubiquitous Grid networking Environment"
Kenta Nakahara, Keio University, Japan
PS-4 "Live Data Center Migration over New Generation Layer 2 Networks"
Haruki Takahashi, Keio University, Japan
PS-5 "Link-Utilization Estimation Using RTT Measurement"
Kiyofumi Igai, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Friday 3, June 2011

Invited Talk

Invited Talk from ITU-T SG15 and OIF
Friday 3, June 2011 8:30-9:20
Chair Takehiro Tsuritani, KDDI R&D, Japan

I-1 "Recent progress of standardization in ITU-T SG15"
Yoshinori Koike, Rapporteur of SG15, NTT, Japan
I-2 "Practical Options for 100G+ Development"
Jonathan Sadler, OIF Technical Committee Chair, Tellabs, USA

Technical Session

Tech. Session 1: Optical Network Architecture
Friday 3, June 2011 9:20-10:35
Chair Itaru Nishioka, NEC, Japan

1-1 "RESTful API for GMPLS signaling (Network-Aware Application)"
Hidetsugu Sugiyama, Juniper, Japan
1-2 "Application-aware Transport Network (ATN): Optical as a Service (OaaS)"
Young Lee, Huawei, USA
1-3 "Using Multi-layer Routing in Packet-Optical networks to implement carrier policies yielding efficient network use."
Jonathan Sadler, Tellabs, USA

Technical Session

Tech. Session 2: WSON Architecture
Friday 3, June 2011 10:50-12:55
Chair Young Lee, Huawei, USA

2-1 "A Multi-vendor Interoperable Experiment of GMPLS Enabled Highly Resilient WSON: the Problems We Met, the Issues We Solved, and the Experiences We Learned"
Lei Liu, KDDI, Japan
2-2 "GMPLS-Light GMPLS operation for interoperating WSON and non-WSON"
Rie Hayashi, NTT, Japan
2-3 "Proactive Restoration of Optical Links using GMPLS"
Julien Meuric, France Telecom Orange, France
2-4 "Performance Comparison of Signaling-based Distributed Wavelength Assignment Approaches for Bidirectional Lightpath Provisioning in WSONs"
Sugang XU, NICT, Japan
2-5 "'Learn Through Experience' Validation for GMPLS-controlled Optical Networks"
Diego Caviglia, Ericsson, Italy

Technical Session

Tech. Session 3: PCE and Application
Friday 3, June 2011 14:25-15:40
Chair Sugang Xu, NICT, Japan

3-1 "Fast Path Signaling Method for Large-Scale Multi-Domain Networks"
Yohei Iizawa, NEC, Japan
3-2 "Deployment of Hierarchical Path Computation Elements in Multi-Domain Wavelength Switched Optical Networks"
Ramon Casellas, CTTC, Spain
3-3 "Implementation of Autonomous Distributed Resource Adjustment Control for Optical Packet and Circuit Integrated Networks"
Takaya Miyazawa, NICT, Japan

Technical Session

Tech. Session 4: Packet Transport over Optical
Friday 3, June 2011 15:55-17:10
Chair Kenichi Sakamoto, Hitachi, Japan

4-1 "OTN Cross-connect Architecture Realizing Flexible OTN Network with Low-Latency"
Toru Katagiri, Fujitsu, Japan
4-2 "Empirical Consideration of MPLS-TP Standardization through Interoperability Tests"
Kiyotaka Takahashi, Hitachi, Japan
4-3 "Self-Establishment and Validation of Ethernet Services over Transport Networks"
Catalin Meirosu, Ericsson, Sweden

Closing Remarks
Friday 3, June 2011 17:10-17:25

- Naoaki Yamanaka, Organization Committee Co-Chair, Keio University, Japan